My name is Mike Mello, owner and operator of M&M Inspections.


Did you know that almost 40% of all homes sold in the US were built in 1959 or earlier?


I did some research on the aging housing market and found that 38% of houses sold in the US were built in 1969 or earlier. So, why is that important? Almost 40% of the inventory you have to sell will be homes that are 50 to 60 years old or older. And we know what that means….you’ll see roofs that need repair, or in some cases replacement, cracks in foundations and exterior walls, outdated electrical and plumbing systems, paint peeling and cracking, windows that won’t open, doors that don’t shut, and the list goes on….


One of the things that separates M&M Inspections from other inspection companies is this: instead of creating buyer panic, we can show you how to turn these issues into a huge positive, by using the inspection report as a leveraging tool to negotiate the best deal for your client! And not only that…the report allows your client to build equity back into their home, by following the recommendations outlined in the report.


Here’s what you can expect: a thorough report detailing the overall condition of the home. In most cases we will provide you with a detailed report within 48 hours. Call today for your next inspection, 727-542-3300!

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